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Curiosity is rewarded ( part one )


Irina was completely surprised to see the old ´90 Seat-Marbella abandoned in a lonely field while she was walking. She sees a car battery on the floor, from which a jump-start cable extends to the battery, which is in the engine compartment. Will anyone try to start the engine soon? "I will do that!", thinks Irina and hopes that the driver's door is unlocked too. The very idea of ??starting the engine in vain and pumping the gas pedal excites Irina in advance. In fact, like the passenger door, the driver's door is not locked either. She gets in and is happy that the key is still in the ignition. She starts the engine and pumps the gas pedal with passion. How good that Irina is wearing her flat riding boots. She loves them so much. That's why they look so worn out. She paints the gas pedal with lipstick to make the boot slip on it better. During the start attempts, Irina shakes and rubs the gear stick with her hand. You can hear the creaking of the leather glove. In between, she sometimes puts on a black, flat patent leather shoe, sometimes a boot. She smokes and then puts out the cigarette butt on the gas pedal. Irina likes to lick shoes and boots just as much. She even takes the boot shaft between her teeth, licks the heel and even spits once on the boot sole.

Irina is a real cranking, gear shift and pedal pumping fetishist.

This clip contains 15 start attempts, which last at least 15 seconds. (Various views)

Running time: 11:48 min.


Curiosity is rewarded part 1 mit pics  12:48 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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