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"Caribian Christmas" ( part 1 )

Running time: 16:07 min.


Valentina's job is to act as Santa's wife to make several families happy at Christmas time. She just wants to drive off in the old '82 VW Polo, but the first attempt to start it sounds very weak. The battery is tired. Valentina had probably already thought that. Not that she has a jumper cable in the trunk, no, even an extra battery that she carries forward to the hood. After opening the hood, connect the ends of the cables to the correct terminals of the batteries. Soon the engine starts, but keeps stalling. After further attempts to start, Valentia even managed to briefly revving the engine several times. She uses the choke to do this. But isn't the engine flooding because too much fuel gets to the carburettor? Valentina tries again and again. She likes the accelerator pedal play. Your right red pep toe patent high heel looks wonderful on it, doesn't it? And then there's this cute little bow on the front... In her imagination she comes up with the idea of ​​painting the accelerator pedal with lipstick. “Why not put makeup on the little accelerator pedal too,” she thinks. It also feels nice and slippery when she goes through it again and again. At the end of the clip, Valentina gives up. Well, what does she do now? How can she fulfill her mission?


Caribian christmas 1 full clip mit PREVIEW und pics  17:06 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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