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"Helps carburetor spray?"

Running time: 16:03 min.


It's been a long time since the '82 VW Polo has been driven. The engine was tried to start every now and then, but did not go. Now Regina tries it here in this clip. In between she looks into the engine compartment, then tries to start again.
Besides the typical gas pedal pumping that she does rather sensitively, she uses the choke. Unfortunately, this is also unsuccessful.
She had already thought that. Well, with such a long idle time, without the engine has run times....
That's why Regina took carburetor spray with her that day.
Two times she uses the spray by putting it in the intake manifold to the carburetor. The following start attempts sound on it also as if it is a good idea.
Relaxed she smokes a cigarette.
Unfortunately Regina has no luck and she drains the battery.
She gets out and and leans against the already 40 year old car and continues smoking the cigarette. While doing so, she seems to want to call someone.
But who is going to be able to give her good advice so quickly.
In the end, she walks forward to the open hood and takes one last, helpless look inside the engine compartment.


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