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"What a pleasure!" ´71 Audi 60

Running time: 13:26 min.

About 20 years ago (2002) Cecília found joy in starting old cars in vain. Especially with this 50 years old '71 Audi 60. Not only because the starter noise sounds particularly agonizing, but also because of the long gas pedal that is so nice to step on. The right cowboy boot also looks good on it because the tip almost completely covers the gas pedal. Cecília is a typically gentle gas pedal player. You can see how she listens to the start attempts. In doing so, she speaks and implores the engine lovingly every now and then to please start it up. It wants to come so close, but doesn´t catch. But believe me, she loves it when the engine DOESN'T start. The division of the views is: Passenger side (2:53 min.), Driver side (0:59 min.), View from passenger seat (0:35 min.), Again a passenger side view (1:04 min.) , sitting on the trunk with exhaust view (0:58), pedal view (2:26 min.), view through the windshield from the hood (2:20 min.) and a face view from the dashboard (2:08 min.). Cecília promises a passionate and loving cranking in this clip.


What a pleasure full clip mit PREVIEW and pics  14:27 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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