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"Cranking with joy"

Running time: 12:38 min.


This clip was created in 2009. That's why it is
Image quality not so good. Adriana had always driven old cars that had significant starting problems. She only had this old '91 VW Polo for the joy of starting the engine in vain. Wearing brown cowgirl boots, blue jeans, a leather jacket and burgundy leather gloves, she enjoys how the engine tries to start but can't. Unfortunately, at the beginning! Adriana shows her disappointment about this. Stops the engine and starts again. Now she has it the way she wants it. In addition to the typical starter noise, the engine keeps making choking sounds. Is the ignition suddenly off? Yes, but that's how Adriana loves it. She drains the battery and is happy about the last, gentle sounds that the starter makes. After a charged battery has been connected, Adriana plans to drain it with just one attempt to start it - without interruption! This extended start attempt lasts around two and a half minutes! Do you also have fun with Adriana?


Cranking with joy full clip PREVIEW and pics  13:32 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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