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"Flooding time" ( full clip ) ´89 Ford Fiesta

Running time: 19:25 min. 


Adriana pumps the gas pedal particularly hard. In addition, new scenes are included, which can be seen briefly in the preview. Adriana knows the typical gas pedal pumping all too well. She had always driven old cars that had trouble starting. But she had always liked it. Over time, it developed into a passion, even a fetish. Here, in this clip, she completely floods the engine of the '89 Ford Fiesta first. Pumping the accelerator pedal permanently for a while is essential for flooding. But even during the long attempts to start, Adriana keeps pumping the gas pedal powerfully. She hopes that the engine doesn't start.

Enjoy her joy in starting in vain.


Flooding time mit picts  20:25 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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