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"The schoolgirl and the clogged carburettor"

Running time: 15:20 min.


Since Leyla will soon be attending high school, she needs a car to get there. She chose this old '82 VW Polo. But the test drive doesn't seem possible because the engine doesn't want to start properly. After every attempt to start it seems as if the carburetor is not getting enough air. Leyla pumps the accelerator pedal completely from above. Powerful, but still with feeling. Despite the high heel of her right sandal, she's doing really well. Leyla smiles at you again and again, as if she were asking you: “Well, am I doing it that way?” Let's hope for her sake that she will be able to get to her new school.


The schoolgirl and the clogged carburettor full clip mit PREVIEW and pics  16:20 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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