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" ´71 VW Bug" ( Carina in strappy heels )

Running time: 7:12 min.


After Carina stranded with her ´71 VW-Bug a few days ago. You can see part of the red triangle that was placed by her in the rear shelf. In this way , other road users could see that she has broken down with the car. Today she tries to start the engine again. And yes! It almost try to start up! The engine sputters and stalls every time, although Carina even handles the gas pedal with care so that it doesn't flood again. There are two views in this clip that was made about 15 years ago. Pedal view (3:17 min.) Face view (3:55 min.) Enjoy the wonderful sound of the starter and her breathtaking persuasion to her VW bug.


71 VW Bug Carina in strappy heels mit pics  08:09 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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