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"Ballerinas and coat"

Running time: 11:56 minutes 


You can already see from her constant smile on Jana that she enjoys starting the engine in vain. She especially likes to use the accelerator. First smear with lip gloss, then more intensely with lipstick. Your right ballerina slides around on it so nicely. At the beginning of the clip, Jana changes from her brown Budapest ankle boots to the black leather ballet flats. Then she drains the battery. Then begins the cranking attempts. You can observe them from three different views (passenger side, back view and pedal view from passenger side). That summer day was quite cool. That's why Jana had put on a coat. At the end of the clip she changes from the leather ballet flats to noble riding boots. This clip has a total length of 11:55 minutes. For this summer 2021 she has already shown great interest in draining several batteries.


Ballerinas and coat full clip mit PREVIEW and pics  12:52 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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