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Damp cranking in ´90 Seat Marbella


Although it is rainy, the temperatures are quite mild. Tina had already put on her bikini beforehand. And she has put on her red sandals with wedge heels made of cork. Sure, if the spark plugs are damp, Tina has to be patient to start the old ´90 Seat - Marbella. But she already enjoys the start attempts so much that she even kisses and licks the right sandal. She hears the engine trying to start but doesn't catch. Then the engine seems to be flooded. Well, with the passionate gas pedal pumps no wonder ... In one scene Tina shows how she expresses the rest of her burning cigarette on the gas pedal and then steps on the stub with the sandal. It is not important for Tina to be able to start today because the weather is really uncomfortable to go swimming. But maybe she is still lucky with her Seat - Marbella. We hope with her... 

Running time: 15:54 min.


Damp cranking in Seat Marbella mit pics  16:54 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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