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"Almost, but then still flooded" ( driver side-and inside view )er side- and

Running time: 15:58 min.

For alternative views ( pedal- and exhaust pipe view) with the same title, this is the link that will take you to the clip:


After standing still for a long time, Pamela tries to drive off with the '82 VW Polo. After a few start attempts, the engine starts. Pamela lets the engine warm up by gently reeving. Then suddenly, the engine begins to sputter and stalls. It seems like the engine is flooded. After further attempts to start, Pamela gives up. This is a real try-to-start clip! You can already see the fogged up windows and a general weathering of the cute VW polo. From the driver's view, too, you can see the exhaust as the smoke billows out. The sight of Pamela is particularly beautiful, as she rocks in her seat while trying to start. This clip includes three different angles that show the driver's view. A view from the passenger's headrest (approx. 2:13 minutes) and a view from the passenger's floor (approx. Three and a half minutes). At the end of the clip, you see Pamela winding up the driver's door window again, getting out and leaving the little VW Polo in the uncomfortable weather.

(a little over a minute)


Almost but then still flooded driver side and inside view full clip mit PREVIEW und pics  16:57 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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