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"Am I starting correctly?"

Running time: 13:10 min.


For quite some time, the '84 VW-Bug stood on the street because the engine wouldn't start. These recordings are from 2002. I always asked a passer-by whether they would like to start the engine and have themselves filmed. Loretta was so interested, but had previously admitted that she didn't yet have a driver's license. I explained to her what she had to do with the pedals. Especially with the gas pedal. I remember forgetting to tell Loretta that she had to release the ignition key in time for the engine to start. She couldn't know when the right time was. And so she was happy to keep the ignition key turned, even though the engine was about to start. So Loretta kept the starter running. You can hear that very clearly in the video. That didn't do him any good. Loretta even smiled at the camera. After she drained the battery, I asked her if she would like to come back the next day. I even paid her for it. I had asked them to bring two other pairs of shoes or boots. She didn't ask why she should do that - I couldn't have a plausible explanation either. The following day she had brought blue genuine leather lace-up ankle boots and a pair of burgundy leather boots. I let Loretta torment the starter because I could tell she was enjoying it immensely. Especially the drain of the battery. In this clip, Loretta had her first experience of starting an old car - in vain, but she liked it!


Am I starting correctly full clip  14:09 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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