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Revving with Pamela

Running time: 17:06 min. 


By popular demand, finally a revving clip! Several will follow this year. In this video Pamela first shows that the old '82 VW Polo has to rev up to try to clean the carburetor. At first the engine was stubborn. But then the revving begins! All scenes that appear in the clip can be seen in short moments as a preview. The exhaust view takes approx. 1:50 min. The view from the ground upwards (driver side) approx. 1:40 min. The driver side view (horizontal) takes approx. 3:40 min. A view on Pamela's right hand on the ignition key takes around 1:00 min. The pedal view is a good two and a half minutes long. Then there is a view that shows the engine compartment (2:45 min.) Last but not least, a passenger side view, which takes about 2:40 min. For 40 seconds we see Pamela getting out of the VW polo and moving away from it. The first view shows Pamela walking up to the old VW Polo and getting in. Hence the mud on her ankle boots, which can be clearly seen in Pedal view.


Revving with Pamela mit pics  18:07 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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