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Revving the ´90 Seat Marbella with Pamela


Here again lets rev Pamela an old car. This time the ´90 Seat-Marbella. Like the '82 VW Polo before it. There are three views in the clip: Exhaust view (3:09 min.), Driver side view (2:20 min.) And Pedal view (2:04 min.) Before new shoots start around mid-March, in those who particularly wish to be fulfilled by customers, this clip - as a revving clip - is a little taste of what will be on display soon. Since this clip only has three views, I took the liberty of limiting the preview to around 10 seconds to give me an impression. Kind regards and have a nice weekend.

Running time: 7:28 min.


Revving 90 Seat Marbella with Pamela mit pics  08:28 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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