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"Caribian Christmas" ( part 2 )

Running time: 13:31 minutes 


In this sequel, Valentina has given up hope to get going. Now she will make YOU happy to show how much you enjoy it to start the old VW Polo in vain. And so that the engine really does not start, she manipulates the firing order in the engine compartment.

Passionate gas pedal pump, always from above down. She also took off the red patent high-heel peep toe she wore in the previous clip, put on some great boots at their shanks dangles silver silver chains. Valentina put the red peep-toes on the lid of the air filter, as she suspects that they vibrate so beautifully during the cranking attempts. Then she has put a heel in the intake pipe of the air filter. Let´s see what happens. Looks pretty, right?

During the start attempts she also likes to play with the choke. Out-in, out-in!

Because Valentina likes to feel her right boot sliding on the gas pedal, she paints it again with lipstick.

In between, Valentina shows us how the lipstick color has smeared on the boot sole.


Caribian Christmas part 2 full clip PREVIEW  und pics  13:32 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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