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Cranking the ´86 VW Rabbit Diesel with Tina ( driver- and exhaust pipe view )


It's an autumn day. The old '86 VW Rabbit has been standing motionless halfway in the bushes for so long. The car looks completely weathered due to the many leaves that have spread over it over time. It's been wet lately too. Is it possible that Tina cannot start the engine because moisture has gotten into the engine compartment? That shouldn't really bother a diesel engine. But look at Tina trying hard to start the engine. Unfortunately without success. She's wearing knee-high platform boots that you have to lace up. In addition, a leather jacket that some actresses had previously worn. This clip mainly shows the driver's view from four different angles or positions. The exhaust view takes about one and a half minutes. At the beginning you can see from two views how Tina gets in. At the end of the clip - also from two different angles - you will see her getting off.

Running time: 12:29 min.


Cranking the 86 VW Rabbit Diesel with Tina driver and exhaust pipe view  13:29 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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