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"The trip to the gas station"

Running time: 16:57 min.


Melissa really needs tobacco. She prefers to smoke hand-rolled cigarettes. With her old '92 VW Polo, she drives to the next gas station. On this day it is the last journey of the VW Polo. The following day she deregisters it and sells it to me very cheaply for further recordings. The pedal view, back seat view and face view can be seen in full screen. In addition, a picture in picture (face view as a large picture together with pedal view as a small picture) and picture in picture (view from back seat as a large picture and face view as a small picture) can be seen. At the beginning of the clip you see Melissa getting in. When you get to the gas station, you see her get out and take out her handbag from the passenger side and then go into the shop.


The trip  to the gas station full clip mit PREVIEW und pics  17:58 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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