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"In sneaker"

Running time: 26:51 min.


This clip contains scenes that mostly show Irina's red sneakers. First you see how she approaches the '90 Seat-Marbella and gets in. Then how she gets out and walks away. She is wearing white sports shoes, which she also wore to the filming location. Irina wears the white Reebok sneakers while she drives around a bit. But before that I had to start a few times in vain. (pedal view and a view from outside). Mostly Irina shows her red sneakers. It even manages - during a long attempt to start! - a change of shoes: from the thong sandals to the red sneakers. So that's artistry, isn't it? Sometimes she gets out and pulls herself up on the roof. But she likes to slide the right red sneaker over the gas pedal after painting it with lipstick over and over again. The chewing gum sticks to it too. She had previously stuck it on when she was available for the clip "First summer feeling" - on the same day. Here she licks a lollipop, which she smashes in the course of the clip on the accelerator pedal. Irina also wears a black leather jacket during these recordings. In between, she caresses a red sneaker, even lets the shoelace slide through her lips. During this scene, Irina wears green and white thong sandals. Note: In some scenes, part of the view had to be covered, as disturbing insights could be seen. Not relevant in terms of limitation for enjoying this clip, but it should still be mentioned. As always, all the necessary scenes that can be seen in the main clip are briefly shown in the preview.

This clip shows Irina in all her passion! Can it surpass that in the future? She will come for more recordings later this year.


In sneakers full clip PREVIEW and pics  27:50 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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