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Spring cranking in cloudy weather


Annabelle was here with me last year for this shoot. It was also a cool spring day, like the present days. There, too, she wanted to have fun in the strappy high heels with the old Seat Marbella. But she noticed that it was just too cold for that. So she switched to her beloved beige patent leather lace-up shoes. Annabelle raved about the comfortable gas pedal pumping in those shoes. The leather jacket she wears in this video is her own. A customer just sent me a similar jacket to make a video of their choice. Annabelle almost manages to start the engine again and again. But it stalls several times. But a passionate pumping of the pedal should flood the engine. Annabelle love to cranking in vain. You will be able to enjoy it from several perspectives, how is tease the sweety car by Annabelle. In between she smokes a cigarette. A symbol of relaxation. There is also a view from the front through the windshield (you can see that it had rained in between), a view of the headlights and a view of the engine with the camera showing the spring movement close to the carburetor. At the end of the clip, Annabelle drains the battery completely. You will be able to observe it from three different views: Driver side, headlights with the hood open (you will see how the lamps flicker less and less in time with the noise of the starter) and back view with a view of the right shoe on the accelerator pedal. Each of these three start attempts take around 75 seconds - without interruption! Here are the times of the scenes in the video: Driver side (only her feet) shoe change and five unsuccessful attempts to start 1:54 min., Driver side 1:52 min., Back view 2:18 min., Passenger side 1:50 min., Pedal 1:50 min., View of the metal spring that leads to the carburetor 1:24 min., View through the windshield while Annabelle smokes here too 3:19 min., View of the shining headlights 2:14 min., exhaust view as a small bonus 0:16 min (Two attempts to start with smoke from the wobbling exhaust pipe) A really wonderful clip with many different views, with such a wonderful Annabelle who loves to smile again and again.

Running time: 17:43 min.


Spring cranking in cloudy weather mit pics  18:43 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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