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"From hibernation" ( part 2 )

Running time: 17:00 min.


Here in this second part, the engine of the '90 Seat-Marbella shows the best intentions to want to start. It jerks and bangs before Monique lets rev the engine to warm up. At first the V-belt squeaks. This is due to the cool humidity. The engine stalls several times, but then runs the engine with the choke pulled out. After a while, Monique pushes the choke back in so the engine idles gently, chugging as if almost stalls. She smokes a cigarette. This view can be seen as an exhaust pipe and passenger side view, each lasting 6:34 minutes. This is followed by these actions as a passenger side view. Of course, this also has a running time of around 6:34 minutes. The clip begins with a back view of almost two minutes and a passenger side view, which is also almost two minutes long, before the two long scenes described above follow.
Especially for lovers of exhaust views, this clip is a special treat, as a lot of smoke comes out


From hibernation part 2 mit pics  18:00 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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