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"Love to crank and drain the old ´71 Audi 60" ( three pair of black boots )

Running time: 13:50 min.


You can enjoy how wonderful the starter of a '71 Audi 60 sounds in the complete clip. Carina changes her black boots twice. She loves pumping the long gas pedal over and over again. Because she loves extremely long attempts to start, but doesn't always feel like keeping the ignition key turned for so long, she wedges the chunky heel of a shoe between the key and the steering wheel gearshift. So she can lean back and relax and listen to the sound of the starter. The battery is getting weaker and weaker. Carina's grin gets wider and wider. Only when the battery is completely empty does she take the shoe away again. These recordings were made in 2005. Because of this, the sharpness of the image is not as high as an old camera was used. nonetheless, it's a wonderful clip to have.


Love to crank and drain the old 71 Audi 60 three pair of black boots mit pics  14:55 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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