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Outside cranking


Adriana has her day off. Nevertheless, she wants to go to the office today because she has to fetch some documents that she must have revised by tomorrow. Has she flooded the engine so much that she won't use the accelerator during the next attempt at starting? She turns the ignition key while standing outside the '82 VW Polo. The engine also tries to start. There are four different views of their unsuccessful attempts to start. A view from the passenger's floor (2:40 min.), From the rear, from where you can see Adriana from behind (1:13 min.), Her high-heel booties (1:19 min.), And a view where you can watch them from the front, how she cranks the engine until the battery is empty. How does Adriana get into the office now? How is it supposed to start the engine when a charged battery is available? 

This clip has a total length of 8:28 minutes.


Outside cranking mit pics  09:28 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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