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"Sandals on long pedal" ( ´71 Audi 60 )

Running time: 4:58 min.


Until there are new recordings, there is a nice video here that was made about 15 years ago. Doesn't she look great, how Carina enjoys that the engine of the old ´71 Audi 60 doesn't want to start?

And she loves to pump the long gas pedal to the rhythm of the starting noise.

In between she looks at you with a smile.

It's so pleasant to kick it over and over again. This time with black strappy sandals.

For the last two of the five-minute clip, Carina has been wearing black leather gloves.

There are two views from the passenger side, but from two different positions, both of which you can briefly see in the preview. The whole clip has a length of 4:58 min. Have fun with Carina.


Sandals on Long pedal mit pics  05:59 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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