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"Her first experiences"

Running time: 14:54 min.

Not having a driver's license but being able to pump the accelerator so quickly is really a natural talent. Leyla seems to be one. Full of joy she tries to start the '82 VW Polo. She succeeds again and again, but the engine stalls every time, even though she is pumping hard. Until the battery is so completely empty that it causes the starter to click a few times, you get the impression that this 40-year-old car is a toy for Leyla. She shows her joy by smiling at you into the camera every now and then. She's wearing great buffalo boots with the typically large, oval silver buckle in this clip. The views are from the driver's side, passenger's side and the pedal views from the driver's side and passenger's side.
There is another clip of her in which the outfit is identical, but she has high-heeled sandals on her feet.
Here is the link to it:


Her first experiences full clip mit PREVIEW und pics  15:50 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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