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"Are the spark plugs too wet?"


The old '82 VW Polo has been standing here on the deserted site all winter long. Monique is now trying to start the engine for the first time in this long time. She already suspects that it will be quite a while before the engine will start. Therefore, she smokes a cigarette during the unsuccessful attempts to start. In between, Monique seems so relaxed that she sometimes holds up her left leg and places her left foot on the dashboard to the left of the steering wheel. After a while, the engine makes timid twitches. The first signs of life?

Yes, but unfortunately no more. It seems like the spark plugs are too wet. Especially after such a long time that the old VW Polo hasn't been moved; and a wet morning like today. All views that will be featured in the clip can be previewed here.

Running time: 24:04 min.


Are the spark plugs too wet mit pics  25:04 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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