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"I still have to paint my toe nails" ( driver side-, from passenger floor and view from back seat )

Running time: 15:32 min.


Not only the driver's side view of the '89 Ford Fiesta is shown here. You will also be able to watch Marina from the backseat position as she paints her toenails. This scene is 3:56 minutes long. Among other things, Marina connects a charged battery after draining the previous one. Obviously, it doesn't have enough power either, but it's still good enough for several beautiful, unsuccessful attempts to start it, with a soft sound. You will be able to observe Marina from different perspectives. The views are all available in the preview.
You will be amazed by this clip!


I still have to paint my toenails Driver side from passenger floor and back view Fußnägel lackieren full clip und PREVIEW  16:32 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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