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"crank and drain" ( Ford Fiesta - cool cranking ) The second part

Running time:18:00 min.


This clip is the continuation and at the same time the concluding part of the previous video "Ford Fiesta - Cool cranking". In addition to the well-known driver and pedal view, there is also a view from the dashboard. From these three views Laura cranks for a while and drains the battery. Long start attempts are her specialty. It's a pleasure to listen to the battery slowly getting weaker and weaker. Since Laura particularly likes to hear the last, sluggish tones of the weakening starter, she turns the ignition key over and over again. She always likes to smile in this clip. Laura would certainly be happy if you could also enjoy how she starts the '89 Ford Fiesta in vain and drains the battery.


crank and drain Ford Fiesta Cool Cranking The second part full clip mit PREVIEW and pics  18:56 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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