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"Hard or gentle?"

Running time: 19:36 min.


Hard or gentle? Well, that's the question here in this wonderful clip in which Tina tries to start the old '82 VW Polo. For the first two minutes or so, you will be able to watch her from the passenger side as she applies her make-up. After two unsuccessful attempts to start, in which you look Tina in the face from the dashboard, she lights a cigarette. From this view she drains the battery the first time. Through her black glasses she looks questioningly, but also smiling at the same time. A fresh battery was connected. So Tina continues to try. Unfortunately, the engine doesn't even give any indication that it will start at all. Did the engine flood so quickly because you pumped the gas pedal so hard right from the start? Tina now handles the accelerator gently. But she can't stop pumping quickly. Does it really give her so much pleasure to torment the gas pedal like that? With her black patent leather ankle boots, she has an ideal hold on them. Since she takes a lot of time for the small, old VW Polo, Tina likes to smoke a cigarette. That relaxes. Pleadingly she speaks to the little car to start. She drains the battery two more times. Seen from the driver's side and pedal view. The following views with time information are included in this clip: Make-up: 0 min. - 1:50 min., View from dashboard: 1:50 min. - 8:06 min., Passenger side view: 8:06 min. - 11: 44 min., Driver side view: 11:44 min. - 12:38 min., Back view: 12:38 min. - 15:10 min. And a pedal view from minute 15:10 to the end of the clip. 


Hard or gentle mit pics  20:36 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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