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Janas Cowboy boots on pedal ( Seat - Marbella )

Running time: 18:11 min.


This is an alternative clip to the previous one with the title: "Jana's cowboy boots on pedal (´82 VW-Polo)" and at the same time the continuation of the clip: "Ballet booties". The clip begins with the change from her ballet booties to her beloved cowboy boots, which she shows here in the old '90 Seat - Marbella. In addition to pumping the accelerator, she also shows how she pulls the choke out with the tip of her left boot and pushes it back in again. After a while she puts on black leather gloves to make turning the keys more comfortable. There are two short revving scenes: Driver side and pedal view. As soon as the weather here in Northern Germany is better, there will be new video shoots in which all customer requests will be met. The times for this clip are as follows: Driver side view: 4:19 min., Passenger side view: 1:47 min., Pedal view from two different angles: 7:37 min. and back view with pedal view: 1:14 min .. As a bonus there is an exhaust view (1:10 min.) and an engine view, with movement of the wire to the carburetor (1:57 min.)


Janas Cowboy boots on pedal Seat - Marbella mit pics  19:12 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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