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Ford Fiesta Cool cranking

Running time: 16:17 min.


Who, if not Laura, loves to crank engines of old cars. She is a new cast member on "Ccc - Crazy car cranking." On this first day of filming, she was still a bit shy, probably worried about doing something wrong. But actually it seems quite cool during the start attempts. At the end of the day, she had so much fun that she promised that next times she would do all her passion and really crazy stuff. But already here, in this clip, in which she starts the '89 Ford Fiesta in vain, she shows an unusual endurance when it comes to the long attempts to start it. With her, they can always last two minutes without interruption. Several views that are already in the preview can be seen in Laura's debut. She approaches the car and gets in. She places her left foot on the dashboard to the left of the steering wheel ( 25 seconds ). She starts trying to start. The first view is from the passenger side and lasts 1:13 minutes. Lean back and relax: The following is a 5:16 minute view of her right, white van, which mainly moves rhythmically on the gas pedal! The following view from the driver's side lasts 5:17 minutes. Sometimes to the left to you, sometimes to the right to the passenger side, Laura keeps looking around. Does she feel watched? For 4:06 minutes there is a view from the back seat. On her vans on accelerator and - in between, Laura keeps looking back at you. She must want to see what you're doing behind her while she's still starting the engine in vain. But you also can always see her in the rearview mirror. Where do you think she wants to go with you?

Running time: 16:17 min.


Ford Fiesta Cool cranking mit pics  17:17 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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