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"Marina describes her gas pedal"

Running time: 19:12 min.


Before Marina tries to start the engine of the '90 Seat Marbella, she describes the feeling of the gas pedal. The resistance, how sensitive it reacts and that she can even push it through with her heel. At the beginning of the clip, the engine starts. After some gentle reving, the engine idles. Marina talks about the gas pedal. After a while she starts the engine in vain. Already again flooded? Marina paints the gas pedal with lipstick. How wonderful slippery her right high heel feels on the gas pedal.... Because she speaks German, here is the translation in English:

"Let's see how this works... - Yes, the car, the pedal is very, very smooth. It's very easy to operate, it presses very softly, it's fun and I can push through really well. It also has a slight bend, but it has very good leg play. I can even get to it with my heel. There's also a lot of upward play. Wonderful. I'll try starting the engine with the gas pedal. As I said, it handles really well. Like this, with feeling, with feeling" Marina starts the engine.

"Not so much gas... Now it's running.I have to be careful that it runs nicely."

Marina is careful not to stall the engine.

"If I don't give gas now, the engine keeps running. That's good. Now I have to take a look.... huiii!!!, the pedal is also very sensitive. You notice it right away, too. As soon as I give a little gas, it reacts immediately. So, you notice, you have to have a sensitivity there that you do not give too much gas at once. And then you can play with it very well. It's very easy to operate. Wonderful, fun. You always have to have a good feel for it. Now a little more gas, now a little less. So - hmm, hmm. Ah, now you can see what I'm doing..."

Marina smears the gas pedal with her lipstick. She laughs as the engine chugs along.

"Now I can play with it too, with pink lipstick."

She turns off the engine.

"Yes, wonderful, it runs very nicely - feels good. Really great! Let's try it some more, play with it a little bit, with the pedal..."

Marina is pumping away.
"Yeah, it's coming back good, too. There is also some resistance, but so quite pleasant. Can you also pump a little more, that's also good. As one would like. Jahh, as one would like. Wonderful!!! With the heels here - that's nice. Also times barefoot..."
(Marina taps the gas pedal barefoot just once and slides off )!
"Ahghh, that doesn't work so well!" Three times Marina's description occurs, as three views occur in this clip.
( Passenger side, driver side and pedal view ).
Enjoy together with Marina, how nice pleasant the gas pedal is.


Marina describes her gas pedal  20:11 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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