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"Drive off in 2nd gear?" ( muddy ground )

Running time: 19:55 minutes


Trying to drive a car in second gear isn't that easy, especially when the ground is as muddy as in this clip. Melissa keeps trying anyway. First she gets into the '92 VW Polo that she sold me a few weeks ago. She knows the characteristics of the car, which is now over 30 years old, all the better. Melissa, greets her best friend again. First a short drive up and down the site. Then the attempts to drive off in 2nd gear. But Melissa doesn't succeed. She let the engine stall again and again. Out of

There are several views here:

Two times pedal view (from passenger seat and passenger floor), driver side, exhaust view and view from dashboard. Even by continuing to press the accelerator pedal with her right black shoe, with the small, thin heel, she doesn't succeed. It is very cold that day. Around zero degrees Celsius. That's why Melissa is wearing thick, white socks. And yet she is cold and has cold feet. At some point she gives up and goes back. As soon as you get out you can already imagine how cold it must be for Melissa.


Drive off in 2nd gear ( muddy ground ) full clip mit PREVIEW und pics  20:56 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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