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"Tormented by revving the ´98 Ford Fiesta"

Running time: 19:20 minutes

Adriana also has a lot of fun with this '98 Ford Fiesta. This time tormenting the engine with long, permanent, sometimes hard revving. The first 3:50 minutes you see Adriana from the passenger's footwell. This is followed by a passenger view that lasts 1:25 minutes. From minute 5:15 to 11:40 you will see Adriana's wine-red cowboy boots on the gas pedal. A pleasure! The following driver side view is 3:45 minutes long. For the next two and a half minutes, Adriana can be seen with the engine. In the last one and a half minutes there is still an exhaust view. Adriana hopes that she can give you pleasure with this revving clip.


Tormenting by revving the 98 Ford Fiesta full clip und PREVIEW und pics  20:20 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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