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"Rev´ n´ fetish" ( ´82 VW Polo )

Running time: 15:05 min.


Especially for revving and fetish fans, this clip is something special, because Irina is really passionate about the old '82 VW Polo. She shows her joy by laughing from time to time and even shaking the gear stick. She also presses the small gas pedal down with her right hand before she starts the engine again. If she wants to flood'em? In this clip she doesn't manage that. The engine keeps starting. Irina is wearing burgundy leather gloves to match her leather leggings. For playing with the gas pedal, she wears strappy boots, which also have high heels. Since Irina is a real shoe fetishist, she also loves a pair of cream-white leather ankle boots. But she also caresses her strappy boots once after taking them off at the end of the clip. Let yourself be surprised! All views that appear in the clip can be seen in the preview.

A really nice clip!


Rev _ n _ fetisch  _82 VW-Polo mit pics  16:06 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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