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"Exhaust pipe fetish"

Running time: 15:18 min


A stunning clip of Valentina having fun with the exhaust of the '90 Seat - Marbella. Not only does she repeatedly put a condom over the exhaust pipe and then start the engine in the hope that it will burst. Instead he flies away. But it looks great! I don't know how Valentina thinks about holding her strappy sandals to the exhaust pipe. Is she already trying to stall the engine? She can't even stall the engine by the high heel of her strappy sandals. Then she comes up with the idea of ​​stalling the engine by trying to hold the exhaust pipe with enough strength with her hands. But I can tell you here - she succeeds in the end! The clip begins with a few attempts to start, during which you can already hear that the ignition is not set correctly. The engine stalls again and again. But Valentina manages to get the engine to idle.

A fantastic clip for all exhaust pipe fetishists!


Exhaust pipe fetish full clip mit PREVIEW und pics  16:23 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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