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"But today!"

Running time: 24:54 min.

We don't know how many times Melissa has tried to successfully start this stubborn '90 Seat Marbella. Did she really think that she would be able to leave today? She shouldn't have expected that. Not even an ignition spark can be heard during starting attempts. In this clip, however, it's a joy to watch Melissa, who is usually so lovely, get annoyed. The different views that will be seen in the whole clip can already be seen in the preview here. Melissa drains the battery, tries again and again, but only the typical soft sound of the exhausted battery can be heard. She even gets out, complains to herself, gets back in, starts and hears that quiet, faint noise from the starter again. At the end of the clip, Melissa punishes this poor little car by kicking it and slamming the door angrily. She complains to herself. So she is left alone on site with the cute '90 Seat Marbella.


But today full clip mit PREVIEW  25:48 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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