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"Extended start attempt"

Running time: 8:36 min.

The attempt to start by Adriana takes 3:02 minutes, without interruption! The key is kept turned until the battery is completely empty. The engine actually wants to start, but Adriana leaves the accelerator alone, except for a few times. But you can hear the typical, rhythmic "almost jump", like a four-quarter time. She loves not only the unsuccessful start of old cars, but also the slowdown in letting the starter slow down when the battery gets weaker. With an outcry, she is happy to have the battery drained. This roughly three-minute start attempt is shown as a face view and pedal view. As a bonus, Adriana lets the battery recover a little - twice - before it starts again until nothing is heard.

The time to recover the battery does not stretch this clip, but has been cut, customer friendly,!


Extended start attempt mit pics  09:39 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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