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Lady Lalita´s first cranking experiences


Lady Lalita is a new actress for "crazy car cranking". She has never stepped on the pedals of a car. No wonder - she doesn´t have a driver's license. Never done one before! So it is not surprising that the first time she tries to start the '90 Seat-Marbella, of all things, she wants to pump the brake pedal again and again. After the hint that she has to pump the little pedal to the right so that the engine might start, you can see from her foot movement that it is more comfortable under the sandal. Lady Lalita quickly enjoys starting the engine in vain. From three different views, you can see how she drains the battery. (Back view, driver side and passenger side). She gets out and looks into the engine compartment. The yellow battery must have had a loose contact. After she has straightened it out, she gets back in and the starting noise sounds more hopeful. After a few attempts to start, she changes from the silver sandals to silver wedge heels peep-toes. This can be seen from two perspectives. (Back view and passenger side). The cranking scenes can be seen from four different views one after the other. (Back view, driver side, passenger side and pedal view from passenger seat). The respective length of the scenes are all available in a balanced length. Lady Lalita loves to pump the gas pedal hard and fast. She is so passionate about it! She will be available for more wonderful clips! Enjoy your debut now!

Running time: 17:27 min.


Lady Lalitas first cranking experiences mit pics  18:27 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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