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Crank, drain and smoke ( ´89 Ford Fiesta )

Running time: 24:26 min.


How long should a start attempt last before giving the starter a break? Monique manages about three and a half minutes without a break. So almost as long as you smoke a cigarette. Because that's what she does. It must be doubly relaxed. Smoking while listening to the starter. To do this, feel the gentle vibration and then pump the gas pedal. More is not possible! These never-ending attempts to start can be seen one after the other from three different perspectives: view from passenger floor, driver's side and pedal view. Monique loves starting old cars in vain so much. This clip begins with Monique draining the first battery. There are also three different views here: Driver side, from the back seat and passenger side. And with this view, she lights a cigarette. Three cameras are running at the same time during the recording. This is how the three views are created. At the end of the clip, she gets out and shows herself at this full-size old '89 Ford Fiesta, in which she also turns around.


Crank drain and smoke mit pics  25:26 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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