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"Long leather coat, jeans and cowgirl boots"

Running time: 22:11 Minutes

It is cold this day. Melissa puts on her black cowgirl boots, which are made of very soft leather. At first she has a lot of patience with the old '82 VW Polo. But the engine doesn't want to start. But increasingly, her mood gets worse and worse. In addition, the neighbor, who had previously annoyed her with his presence, is there again. In between, he briefly points the camera from the driver's side. When Melissa stands outside and leans in to get the ignition key, Magnus, the neighbor, has positioned himself again in the passenger's footwell. The sight of watching Melissa like this excites him. Melissa spits twice towards the camera as if she was spitting in YOUR face. Then she greets her best friend “Özimausi”. During this scenario, Melissa drains the battery. She angrily kicks the old car several times. She complains to the camera that the neighbor should finally disappear. And after all, she’s cold too! All scenes that appear in the whole clip can be seen here in the PREVIEW, which can be seen as a picture-changing preview for one minute. You already know what the cranking sound of this old VW Polo sounds like from the previous clips and previews.


VW Polo Long leahter coat_ jeans and cowgirl boots full clip und only pics PREVIEW  23:11 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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