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"Does that excite you?" ( ´86 VW Rabbit / VW Golf )

Running time: 20:56 min.


In reality, Irina is annoyed that you are watching during the failed attempts to start. She looks at you as if she doesn't mind you. The old '86 VW - Rabbit with a diesel engine just won't start. Irina wears torn fishnet tights with knee-high platform lace-up boots and a red leather miniskirt. Don't you agree that the bow tie goes wonderfully with her white shirt? Where did she actually want to go in such an outfit? From several perspectives, you can see how the battery drains. At the end of the clip, it seems like Irina has resigned herself to being watched by you. You can see her getting out from two angles and saying goodbye to you in a friendly manner. Then, after resting her hands on her hips, her right hand comes up and shows you the fuck finger. Well, her friendly composure during the start attempts was just masquerade.
The following scenes can be enjoyed in the clip: cranking ( driver side 3:54 minutes ), pedal view from passenger seat ( 3:47 min. ), pedal view from driver side ( 4:19 min. ), cranking and draining the battery from passenger side ( 4:19 min. ), draining the battery exhaust pipe ( rear view 0:58 min. ), draining the battery exhaust pipe ( rear driver side view 0:58 min. ), getting out, showing oneself and showing f...ckfinger ( driver side view 1:19 min. ) and get out, show yourself and show f...ckfinger ( rear driver side view 1:18min. ).


Does that excite you  86 VW Rabbit Golf mit pics  21:55 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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