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"So exciting to crank, rev and let to stall" ( driver side view )

Running time: 10:44 min.


What is it like when you don't have a driver's license and you're trying to start an old car for the first time? Helena tries the '90 Seat - Marbella. Here in this clip you experience how she feels an accelerator pedal under her shoe for the first time, later, in the course of the video, also barefoot. Uncertainty quickly gives way to serenity. Helena smokes a cigarette, a little later she chews a bubble gum. The engine starts after a few unsuccessful attempts. She let rev the engine several times. Because of Helena has no feeling for the gas pedal, she even presses it down too hard, so that the engine screams very loudly. After a while, the carburetor seems to have taken in too much fuel as a result. During the following starting attempts, the starter makes choking noises. Helena changes from the red leather ballerinas, which have a small, pretty bow on the front, to lilac-colored moccasins. Helena puts her left foot, wearing with the shoe, to the left of the steering wheel between the driver's door and the A-pillar. In the end she changes the moccasins to black suede high heels and goes to the '82 VW Polo. All occurring scenes are shown as well as possible in the preview.
Say hello and cheer to Helena, who makes her debut here in this clip.


So exciting to crank rev and let to stall driver side view mit pics  11:49 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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