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"So exciting to crank, rev and let to stall" ( exhaust- and face view )

Running time: 10:20 min.


Here is the fourth and final part, or alternative view of the series "So exciting to crank, rev and let to stall!" In this clip you have the exhaust view of the '90 Seat-Marbella, which lasts a total of 6:52 minutes. This includes the first unsuccessful attempts to start, sputtering exhaust, stalling of the engine and revving scenes. The rest of the time Helena's face can be seen, including during the cranking, stalling and revving scenes. The preview should show everything that can be expected in the clip.

Also check out the three previous previews in this series. You might like one of the other views better.

Helena is so happy to be available for you again soon for beautiful clips.


So exciting to crank rev and let to stall exhaust and face view mit pics  11:19 | ccc-crazycarcranking

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